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html5 laboratory


This site is mainly where I, Ian Devlin, will be playing about with html5 and seeing what I can do with it. Primarily I will be using this site as a personal playground, but hopefully others will find what I do as informative and interesting.

I aim to update this site at least once a week, hopefully more than that, and of course sometimes life will just get in the way of all of that and updates will be less frequent. Bear with me.

If there's anything that you would particularly like me to have a go at doing, then feel free to contact me. I can't promise that I will carry out all requests, but I will do my best.

Experiments will be listed in a book contents type format. I will start creating this list as I think of things I would like to try, or react to suggestions from others. As the list grows, I may re-organise it and of course the content won't grow as fast as the list.

I have also added a list of valued html5 resources which again I will continue to update. Again feel free to contact me with any suggestions that you may have.

You can follow this on twitter where I will post html5 related news and information and of course each time a new entry is added. There is also a RSS feed which you can subscribe to for all the latest additions to the site.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you here again!

Ian Devlin
January 2010

html5 laboratory


This experiment list will grow and re-order as I go along. If you have any suggestions of topics to cover, please let me know.

html5 laboratory


html5 laboratory